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                the act of restoring; renewal, or reestablishment;  a return of something to an original, normal or unimpaired condition

Fluid applied waterproof membrane

For years our founders performed trade specific re-clad and restoration work in the Southeast.  As subcontractors, we were consistently being asked to perform repair work to leaky or unsightly exterior facades.  Our primary focus was on stucco, EIFS and roofing work.  In the early 2000's, the industry really started focusing on building envelopes;  both from a water-tightness perspective as well as an energy efficiency perspective. 

In 2008, we purposefully decided to move away from targeting traditional ground-up, new construction.  Instead, we committed to establishing a general contracting business that would focus on re-clad and restoration work.    We elected to leverage our relationships and build a company that could efficiently and effectively meet the needs of our clients;  Anchor Restoration Contractors, LLC is a direct result of this collaboration. 

We assist our client with choosing a Design Team with extensive knowledge of flashing, waterproofing, and building envelope detailing.  

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When we approach a project, we start by assembling the best team possible to address the challenge.